Georgia Pain Associates a pain clinic

Dr. Torey Evans, DC is now working at Georgia Pain Associates of Braselton Georgia.

Dr. Torey is excited about joining the Pain Clinic and knows that his chiropractic care will make a wonderful addition to the treatment options patients have in fighting back pain, neck pain and headaches

“I am excited about helping my new neighbors in Braselton, Hoschton and Flowery Branch,” adds Dr Evans.
When asked, what do you love best about being a chiropractor in braselton recently, Dr. Evans replied, I just like helping people! Helping people physically and emotionally.”
Dr. Torey answers, “Yes of course! When you don’t know what is wrong with you and you BOUNCE back and forth from doctor to doctor and from test to test and still find no relief….it gets discouraging. I find that chiropractics offers many hope.”

 “My numbness and back pain are gone!

“I came to see Dr. Torey because I had numbness in my foot and back pain. I chose Dr. Torey because he incorporates massage with his chiropractic treatment. The first time I was adjusted by a chiropractor, it was painful and I was not expecting the great amount of force.

On the other hand, Dr. Torey’s adjustment was not painful or evasive.

I sent Dr. Torey an email and he responded quickly and was able to give me an appointment rather fast. Great experience, and my numbness and back pain are gone!

Mandy Roberts


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